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Welcome to Point B Planning - Keeping the important things simple

We understand that everyday life can be demanding. With work, family and financial commitments, life can be crazy.
Managing money can be overly complex, confusing and time consuming.

We simplify the numbers and do the heavy lifting, giving you peace of mind whilst providing you more time to focus on the more important things in life, which is living it!

By understanding your unique needs, we can provide a simplified financial planning solution aimed to reduce your financial anxiety and deliver more clarity for your future.

You may need financial planning assistance if you have needs in the following areas:

  • Want to increase your wealth and start investing
  • Need help with building your savings quicker
  • Wish to clear your home loan and other debts sooner
  • Protecting your family, lifestyle and assets
  • Ensuring your superannuation and super is working hard for you
  • Planning for a comfortable retirement and knowing when to retire
  • Feel like things can be done better

Getting the right advice today could change your life, now and in the future. Your financial plan starts with a simple conversation - book your conversation with a financial planner at Point B Planning today

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We care about all of our clients and want them to succeed in the long run.

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Our team is dedicated and driven to make your life as easy as we possibly can.

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Never spoke to a planner before, wanted to know if there was more that I could do with my money. Spoke to Bill, unsurfaced a lot of areas that I would have never have foreseen. Made things simple for me understand and gave me clarity on the steps required for me to achieve my goals.

-Mary S

Had my first child and I was very conscious of future education costs. The planner spoke about the importance of starting early when saving up for my daughters future university and home deposit. I was previously saving money in a children’s savings account. The planner put in place a strategy that would give more money in the long term.

-Mylan T

My wife and I were planning to retire however we didn’t understand how much we needed to retire on. We’ve heard of the age pension but had no idea what it actually entailed. The planner ran some projections around how much money was required to have a comfortable retirement with holidays. But the best thing is he managed increase my age pension benefits when I applied with Centerlink.

-Peter S

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